Enrollment & Policies

Missouri School of Taxidermy



My class size will be no larger than four students. This way you will get more in-depth training & personalized attention. Enrollment reservations will be accepted anytime prior to the first day if there are still openings.  I encourage you to e-mail early though.  I strongly recommend you arrive one day early so you could get your housing taken care of as well as getting familiar with the area. To register, complete the application and send an enrollment fee of $500.00 which is non-refundable after the cancellation period The cancellation period is three days, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and the holidays, after the enrollment agreement is signed by the student and the school.  The enrollment fee will be applied to your tuition cost, with the balance due on the day or before class starts.  Click here for enrollment form.

Payment Arrangements

Tuition is due before or on the first day of class. No exceptions.  Other specimens & forms that are not included in tuition cost will have to be paid for within one week of receiving invoice.  Students who have not paid their tuition, specimen, or form cost in full by the end of the first week will be dismissed from class unless arrangements are made otherwise.  Graduation certificates will not be awarded until all finances are paid in full.

If a student decides to withdraw, he may receive a partial refund depending on when the student with draws.  No student who completes 50% of training will receive a refund.  Otherwise it will be on a pro-rated basis depending on date of withdraw.  Enrollment fee of $500.00 is a non-refundable fee.

VA Refunds:
This school has and maintains a policy for the refund of the unused portion of tuition,fees,and other charges in the event the veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course or fails to complete the course as required by 38 CFR 21.4254 and 21.4255.

    1. A refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees and other charges will be made to veterans or eligible persons who fail to enter or fail to complete the course as required by Department of Veterans Affairs Regulations,CFR 21.4255. The refund will be within 10 percent of an exact pro rata refund. No more than $10 of the established registration fee will be retained if a veteran or eligible person fails to enter the course.
    2. Prompt Refund: The refunded amount shall be paid within 40 days.

All student must be at least 18 years of age.  Must be able to speak, read, and write the English language.

Grade Evaluation

Classes are done on a Pass/Fail basis, as you acquire the required skills. You will not receive traditional grades. You will be evaluated on all steps as you go on each mounted specimen. All specimens will have to have a passing grade of 75% to complete the course and receive your taxidermy certificate of completion.

Students will be evaluated on quality of work, proper use of materials, soundness of construction, cleanliness, and anatomical accuracy.

For a passing grade, students must demonstrate a knowledge and ability to perform the techniques taught in each class, as well as an understanding of proper use of tools and materials for each specimen mounted. Students must demonstrate an ability to cure and trim the specimen, proper use of various adhesives and tools to attach the pelt to the animal form, specimen pose, and finish.

If a student receives a failing grade on their mounts, they can participate in classes until the required techniques are learned. If after an additional three weeks the student has not learned the required skills, they will fail the course, but can re enroll for additional tuition and specimen fees. Additional class and project time may be required for mounts that are failed. During the course of the class, seven mounts will be prepared by the student and evaluated. Specimens and mounts are provided, but the student may choose to do other specimens or mounts if they pay for the specimen and form.

Student Attendance

Student are required to be in class on time. Students that are tardy or absent will receive a verbal warning, followed by a written warning. After that, student absences will be dealt with on an individual basis. Students missing critical class days for each week, or missing more than 5 days total will be dismissed until the end of the session.

Introduction & Objectives

Here at WTTS my purpose is to teach you the enjoyable yet rewarding art of Taxidermy.  In my four week course or one week mini courses, you will be taught the most updated techniques available from one of the top taxidermist in the country.  In your four weeks you will learn skills that will allow you to begin your own commercial business.  With only four students maximum at a time you will receive more personalized attention which will allow you to learn more, FASTER! You will not learn everything there is to know but you will learn the basics and so much more.  My objective is to teach you my award winning techniques that I have learned over 48 years of doing this business.  I can confidently say that after I teach you my techniques you can and will have the ability to open your own business and start making money and enjoy this beautiful, rewarding trade.  You will be taught step by step until it reaches my satisfaction.

Conduct Policy

All students will be cordial to one another. No horseplay, foul language, no alcoholic beverages, no controlled substances.Students who are disruptive,rude,and acting unprofessional will be asked to leave and written up. The student can return only after meeting with instructor and resolving the problem.

A verbal warning will be given, followed by a written warning.Three written warnings will be given prior to further action.  Continued problems will be dismissed from classes with no refund. The problem will be resolved at the instructors discretion.

Physical Description of Work Area

My work area is 20×20.There are work benches, tables, a salting room, a paint room. You will be working with lots of different power tools as well.  All materials, paint, clays, wood, habitat, and anything else you will need to complete your mounts are available to the student at no extra charge.

Class Dates

Classes start at the beginning of each month and run for 4 or 8  weeks unless other arrangements are made.

Grievance Policy

Students may file a grievance in writing to the owner, Bruce Owens, at 1008 South Hwy 79, Winfield, Mo 63389. The student will receive the school’s decision regarding the grievance withing three working days. If the student is dissatisfied with the decision of the school, the student may contact the Missouri Department of Higher Education at (573) 751-2361 to file a formal complaint.

Withdrawal Policy

Students may withdraw from the program by submitting notice in writing to Bruce Owens at 1008 South Hwy 79, Winfield, MO 63389. The notice should include the effective date and the reason for withdrawal.

Transcript Policy

Students will receive an official transcript upon successful completion of the program. Additional transcripts may be purchased at a cost of $5 per transcript. To request a transcript, submit the request to Bruce Owens at 1008 South Hwy 79, Winfield, MO 63389 or via email at bruce350@centurytel.net.


Because of some of the materials and adhesives that will be used students should wear comfortable clothing that can get messy, and or potentially ruined.